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15 december - 2020

Normaal gesproken waren ze dicht op maandag, maar door de verwachte lockdown besloten ze open te gaan en extra knipbeurten te geven. Heel erg fijn! Want eigenlijk waren ze vrij of ergens anders aan het werk, nu konden toch nog veel mensen zich voor de feestdagen laten knippen. Goed meegedacht en lekker assertief!
Francesco Del Puglia

11 december - 2020

The final result looks nice, but still I think before saying that it would be better to wait a few days, even a couple of week to see if the hair have been really cut well. Apart from that, what keeps the result to seven it is the time of treatement, that was actully very short, and according to me too quick. In the end the time of treatment (only knippen) was less than 15 minutes, maybe 12, and that made me feel like a piece of something in a production line... not really the way a client would like to feel... I have to say that I arrive just in time to my appointment, and maybe the hairdresser felt some pressure on her schedule, but still, after less than 15 minutes I was already out of the shop.. Maybe for someone is a pro, well, to me ,not really.